Código: 0001628
Formatos: 25 Kg

ADJUNCT B is a pure neutral grade of disodium phosphate. It is used in conjunction with GCTM concentrated alkaline liquid to prevent calcium scale deposits. Both products are used in our standard boiler water treatment programs for low-pressure boiler systems (0-32 bar) and medium-pressure steam propulsion vessels (32-60 bar). They are also used in our ULTRAMARINESM boiler water treatment program for high-pressure steam generating systems (60-84 bar).
The use of ADJUNCT B treatment in conjunction with GC concentrated alkaline liquid converts calcium hardness into soft, non-adherent sludge that is easily removed by blowdown.
ADJUNCT B phosphate boiler water treatment is NSF registered as a nonfood compound under category G6, a water treatment product used in boiler steam lines for food contact in food process- ing establishments. It is also registered under category G7, a water treatment product used in boiler steam line for nonfood contact in food processing establishments.

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