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Formatos: 25 Kg

SOOT STICKS soot combustion catalyst is a combination of efficient combustion catalysts to remove fireside deposits at a controlled rate. The severity of fireside deposits is mainly dependent on the ash and carbon residue content of the fuel and overall combustion efficiency. Controlled fireside deposit removal permits burning to take place without the hazards of soot fires which occur when oxidation is too rapid.

SOOT STICKS combustion catalyst reacts with combustible carbonaceous deposits in the soot, breaking down the com- bustible binders that hold the deposits together and cause its adhesion to boiler screen and superheater tubes. The loose, dry ash resulting from the action of SOOT STICKS combustion catalyst is then carried out with the stack gases or is broken up and eliminated during normal soot blowing operation. SOOT STICKS combustion catalyst helps reduce fireside corrosion by removing the binders of corrosion deposits. Generally, in order for untreated soot to ignite and burn, the temperature must reach approximately 593° C. SOOT STICKS combustion catalyst acts to reduce the igni- tion temperature of the carbonaceous combustibles in the cooler areas of the boiler so that they will burn off and release the incombustible ash for easy removal by the soot blowers.

SOOT STICKS combustion catalyst start to work at tempera- tures in the cooler parts of the boiler as low as 150°C and is suitable for all higher temperatures (e.g., 200°C to 600°C) in other areas of the boiler.

Formation of excessive fireside deposits is often the result of correctable conditions that encourage incomplete combus- tion. Proper fuel preparation and correctly adjusted equip- ment will promote optimum combustion. SOOT STICKS soot combustion catalyst helps to prevent problems when these conditions are not being met.

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