Código: 0005406
Formatos: 25L

AMERZINE corrosion inhibitor is an all-volatile, liquid, catalyzed oxygen scavenger for use in low-, medium- and high-pressure steam generating systems. AMERZINE cor- rosion inhibitor controls ferrous and non-ferrous corrosion in feedwater, boilers, steam and condensate lines with the use of hydrazine as the oxygen scavenger.

In addition to scavenging oxygen, AMERZINE corrosion inhibitor passivates metal surfaces through the formation of protective oxide films thereby minimizing iron and copper deposits in the boiler.

AMERZINE corrosion inhibitor may be used with DREW- PLEX® AT boiler water treatment, standard treatment for low-pressure steam generating systems (0-32 bar), standard treatment for medium-pressure steam propulsion vessels (32-60 bar), and our ULTRAMARINESM boiler water treat- ment program for high-pressure steam generating systems (60-84 bar).

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