Código: 0089400
Formatos: 25 L

EDGE is a multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner specifically formulated to meet the marine industry’s requirements for cleaning action, safety and environmental considerations. This product combines heavy-duty cleaning ingredients with fast- penetrating wetting agents. This combination of ingredients provides the power needed to remove stubborn soils, while remaining mild enough not to harm most surfaces. EDGE heavy-duty cleaner provides an excellent alternative to tradi- tional solvent-based and highly alkaline cleaners.

EDGE heavy-duty cleaner is excellent for cleaning cargo tanks from animal and vegetable oils, fats and white mineral oils, and it is suitable for hydrocarbon-free cleaning.

EDGE heavy-duty cleaner is a versatile cleaner, especially well suited for machine cleaning and for use in high-pressure spray guns. It is an excellent cleaner for general deck, engine room and steward uses. It is excellent for cleaning bulkheads, tank tops, bilges, machinery, engines, tools, hotel services, galley, etc.

Edge has been evaluated by IMO and approved as a tank cleaning additive under MEPC.1/Circ.590. Tank cleaning additives approved by IMO are used onboard chemical/ product tankers in chemical cargo tank cleaning operations and are added in small amounts to the wash water in order to facilitate tank washing.

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