Código: 0016403
Formatos: 25 L

AMEROID OWS quick separating degreaser is a supe- rior solvent emulsifying detergent for general engine room degreasing and for cleaning and gas freeing of bilges. Its unique blend of surfactants, wetting agents, and solvents results in a product which has exceptional cleaning proper- ties, breaks quickly, and does not harm the operation of oily water separators required under the MARPOL regulations.

AMEROID OWS has been thoroughly tested and is approved by the following separating and bilge alarm manufacturers.

  • Biospherics Incorporated
  • Blohm & Voss AG
  • Butterworth Systems (UK) Ltd.
  • Hamworthy Engineering Ltd.
  • Hodge Separators Limited
  • Italgestra S.P.A.
  • National Fluid Separators, Inc.
  • Nelson Division, Nelson Industries
  • Quantek, Inc. (Facet Enterprises)
  • Separation and Recovery Systems, Inc.
  • Sigma Treatment Systems
  • World Water Systems, Inc.
  • Approved for use onboard U.S. Coast Guard vessels

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