Código: 5482401
Formatos: 25 L

ENVIROMATE 2000 is a water-based cleaner formulated to meet the marine industry’s strict requirements for safety and performance. ENVIROMATE 2000, with its unique blend of cleaning agents, is a non-flammable, general purpose cleaner perfect for a broad range of surface, deck, engine, and offshore applications. This product is also suit- able and recommended for ultrasonic cleaning applications.

ENVIROMATE 2000 is used for the effective removal of mineral, animal, and fish oil residues from cargo tanks.

ENVIROMATE 2000 has been approved by IMO according to guidelines under IMO MEPC.1/Circ. 590. Only cleaners approved under the aforementioned guidelines can be used for tank cleaning on board ships that are issued an NLS Cer- tificate and can be disposed of at sea when the cargo residue slops are authorized to be disposed at sea.

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